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Judiciary District Electoral Commissions

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Judiciary District Electoral Commissions

Judiciary District Electoral Commissions (Juntas Electorales de Zona), like Provincial ones, have a strictly temporary nature, are initially constituted by their judiciary members meeting on the third day following call of the election. Later on  composition  is completed with  the non-judiciary members, after official announcement of candidates’ names. They dissolve one-hundred  days after polling day. This limit may however be extended if new elections are called meanwhile.

Their seat is that of the judicial district itself.

The Judiciary District Electoral Commissions of the cities of Ceuta and Melilla also perform in their respective area of jurisdiction the functions of a Provincial Electoral Commission.


Judiciary District Electoral Commissions are composed of:

- Three civil First Instance or  first-stage criminal prosecution judges appointed by drawing of lots from a purse by the Administrative Division of the Self-governing Community’s Higher Court (Tribunal Superior de Justicia de la Comunidad Autónoma).  Where there are not enough judges in the judicial district, there shall be a draw of lots by the same procedure among the district’s justices of the Peace.

- Two members appointed by the Provincial Electoral Commission among Law, Political Science or Social Science graduates residing in the judicial district, to be appointed after the official announcement of candidatures. To this end the representatives of all the candidates standing at the electoral district shall submit a joint appointment. Where there is no such proposal before the start of the election campaign the Provincial Electoral Commission shall make the appointments.

Judiciary members are to elect one of them as President of the Commission.  

The position of Secretary of the Commission is vested in the Secretary of the corresponding First Instance Court or, where there are more than one such courts, in the Secretary of the Head Court (Juzgado Decano).

Local Councils’ Secretaries are to be the Delegates of the relevant Judiciary District Electoral Commissions and shall act as such under its authority.


Judiciary District Electoral Commissions shall perform in their area of jurisdiction the following functions:

- Determining any complaints, petitions and appeals filed in accordance with LOREG or any other enabling statute.

- Exercising disciplinary powers on all persons officially taking part in the election procedure.

- Redressing any violations during the election procedure that do not constitute a criminal offence in themselves and imposing fines not exceeding six hundred Euros.

- Ensure the availability to each electoral bureau of the means and equipment required by the law.